Sailor Moon is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon Series and is also the main protagonist aswell as the title of the series. In the english dubbed her name is Serena Tsukino rather than Usagi Tsukino which is used in the orginal japanese anime. She is a normal, clumsy school girl who can transform into Sailor Moon to protect the earth from evil.

In the english dubbed her name Serena is derived from Selena which means moon. In the English manga she is mostly called by her nickname Bunny. Her boyfriend Darien/Mamoru calls her Usako.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon

First Appearance As Sailor Moon

Episode One

First Appearance As Usagi/Serena

Episode One


Usagi Tsukino ( Japanese ) Serena Tsukino ( English ) Princess Serenity Neo-Queen Serenity Sailor Rabbit ( PGSM )


Sailor Team


Attacks related to light and love. Healing abilities

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