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Hello, I am xharukamimichanx. I love anime and manga but this is not about me. This wiki page is about Sailor Moon. Do you need information? What is Serena/Usagi past times? Does Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru end up together? Who is Rini/Chibiusa? and so much more of your questions will be answered right here on Scouting Sailor Moon". The only site that gives you the information you truly desire.
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What is Sailor Moon?

So, What exactly is Sailor Moon? Well, Sailor Moon is a media franchise created by Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon/Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon is the first magical-girl genre in which the magical girls use they're powers to fight against evil.

Sailor Moon was originally a manga created in 1992 and finishing in April 1997 with a total of 18 volumes. It was based off a previous manga known as Codename: Sailor V! It was later decided that Sailor Venus would become one of the Sailor Scouts. After its release it took not only Japan but other countries in Europe and North America by storm. After only the first month that the manga was released that the anime started airing. The anime contains 200 episodes and ran from March 1992 to February 1997. It is one of the longest running magical girl series. During the run of the manga and the anime and between 1993 to 2005 they're was Sailor Moon stage musicals. The stage musicals were collectively known as SeraMya and it ran over 800 performances in 29 musicals. The Tokyo Broadcasting system and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting ran a Sailor Moon live series known as "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" this was shortened to "PGSM". It ran from October 4th 2003 till September 25th 2004. It lasted 49 episodes. The series began to follow the manga rather than the anime but later on in the series it started new plots and storylines but keeping the original characters.
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What is Sailor Moon about?

'''''Sailor Moon starts of with an ordinary, ditzy middle school girl called Serena Tsukino/Usagi Tsukino. Serena/Usagi soon finds out from a black cat ( Luna ) that she is the Sailor Scout of the moon, a warrior that is destined to save planet earth and would later save the galaxy. She is told that she must find the Moon Princess and also protect the earth from a variety of villians.'''

During Sailor Moon Serena/Usagi makes new friends including a quiet yet intelligent Amy Anderson/Ami Mizuno who turns out to be Sailor Mercury, a fiery, ambitious Raye Hino/Rei Hino who turns out to be Sailor Mars, a strong and independent Lita Kino/Makoto Kino who turns out to be Sailor Jupiter and a cheerful and clever Mina Aino/Minako Aino who is Sailor Venus.

How many Sailor Moon series is there?

There is in total 5 series. Each contain new villians, new storylines and new characters.

1.Sailor Moon- The first series introduces the 5 Sailor Scouts throughtout the story. During the series the Sailor Scouts are on a mission to protect the earth from the Dark Kingdom which is ruled by Queen Beryl. They also have to find the moon princess and towards the end of the series they discover that Serena/Usagi is the Moon Princess

2.Sailor Moon R- The second series introduces new characters such as Rini/Chibiusa, Sailor Pluto and The Black Moon Clan who are lef by Prince Diamond. This series contains new villians and new storylines. This series doesn't just focus around the Sailor Scouts protecting the earth but it also revolves around the romance between Serena/Usagi and Darian/Mamoru.

3.Sailor Moon S- The third series introuduces three new Sailor Scouts Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn. It also reintroduces Sailor Pluto and we also see Rini/Chibusa as Sailor Chibi Moon for the first time. The storyline is one of the darkest story lines in the series as it contains the villians plotting trying to destory the world rather than take it over.

4.Sailor Moon SuperS- The fourth series is the least popular out of the 5 as it focuses more around Rini/Chibiusa than Sailor Moon. This is because the producers believed that the new generation of fans would recoginze and identify with her more than the older generation. This series contains alot of fairytale plots. It does introduce new villians such as Queen Nehellenia and Zirconia.

5.Sailor Moon Sailor Stars- The fith and final series. The series contains new villians and also reintroduces Queen Nehellenia. The story focuses the Sailor Scouts and Sailor Galaxia whom is trying to collect the true star seeds so she is able to rule the entire galaxy.

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